Monthly Archives August 2015

Apple announced an event on September 9th


As expected, Apple has officially announced the upcoming event date and sent out invitations to the festival, in which is expected to be unveiled the iPhone 6S , 6S Plus, as well as a brand new Apple TV.

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Apple iCloud has new features – lost data recovery


A well-known Apple service “iCloud” gained new useful features – lost data recovery.

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New „Apple Pay“ advertisement


Apple introduced a new series of advertisements, “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone, which focuses highlight Apple Pay payment options.

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Apple „Back To School“ nuolaidos kompiuteriams ir plašetėms


Kiekvienais metais, artėjant Rugsėjui ir naujiems mokslo metams, Apple organizuoja dideles nuolaidas savo kompiuteriams, bei planšetėms. Ne išimtis ir šiemet.

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