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Apple announces its October 27 Mac event


Apple announced October 27-th event, with a name “hello again”. At the event we should see new MacBook Pro computers and maybe 13inch MacBook, which could replace MacBook Air. iMac and 5k external display may be due for next year.

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Apple announces media event on 21st of March


Apple finally announced its media event on 21st of March, with a slogan: “Let us loop you in”.

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Apple uploads it’s iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and new Apple TV event video to Youtube


If you like watching videos on Youtube, Apple jus posted it’s “Hey Siri” event video, where were introduced iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and new Apple TV. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you can do that below in this article.

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Hands-on with the new iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPad Pro and Apple TV


Yesterday Apple introduced a bunch of new gadgets – new iPhones 6s’s, iPad Pro and new Apple TV. So below will be all the hands-on videos from the event. First two videos will be from Marques Brownlee from “MKBHD“, love his videos, and last one, from news site “The Verge“, also very professional videos and articles.

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Apple store goes down before big event later today


As expected, Apple Online Store has gone down ahead of Apple’s “Hey Siri” event later today at 10 AM PST.

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Apple announced an event on September 9th


As expected, Apple has officially announced the upcoming event date and sent out invitations to the festival, in which is expected to be unveiled the iPhone 6S , 6S Plus, as well as a brand new Apple TV.

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Apple kviečia į Spalio 16-osios dienos renginį



Pagaliau Apple oficialiai paskelbė naujausio renginio datą, tai Spalio 16-oji ir žinoma naujas šūkis „It’s been way too long”. Kaip visada Apple palieka kabliukus spėliojimams, tad dabar galime pasvarstyti ką norėtumėme išvysti naujo.

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iPhone 6 renginys bus transliuojamas tiesiogiai internetu


Apple paskelbė, kad antradienį vyksiantį renginį transliuos tiesiogiai internetu. Renginį matyti bus galima tiek naudojant Mac ar Windows kompiuterį, bei Apple TV ar iOS įrenginį.

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Apple paskelbė savo naujausio renginio datą


Apple jau išsiuntinėjo pakvietimus į savo naujausią renginį, kuris įvyks Rugsėjo 9-tą dieną Cupertino miestelyje. Šio renginio šūkis “Mes norėtūme pasakyti daugiau (Wish we could say more)”.

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